Gabelli Private Equity Partners, LLC: US Partnership

Gabelli Private Equity Partners, LLC, our first partnership formed in August 2017, is organized to focus on leveraged buyouts and restructurings of small and mid-sized companies.   

Gabelli Private Equity Partners was initially funded with $150 million of the Company’s proprietary capital. This structure allows for Gabelli Private Equity Partners to be creative and nimble with no pre-determined exit time table. We focus on businesses with existing growth potential which can be improved by improving their capabilities, teaming up portfolio companies for strategic expansions and transforming the businesses through M&A opportunities. For more information, see the company documents at:


Investment Criteria

Using our proprietary “Private Market Value with a Catalyst” ™ investment process, Gabelli Private Equity Partners has the following minimum investment criteria:


Our Target Companies:

  1. EBITDA range: $5 million - $15 million;
  2. Domiciled in the U.S. or Canada;
  3. Strong cash flow generating capacity backed by competitive products and/or services with defensible market positions;
  4. Currently undergoing growth, restructuring, ownership/management transition or corporate divestiture;
  5. Control investments with preference to partner with management that will maintain an ongoing equity interest and build value;
  6. Either from corporations, entrepreneurs, families or private equity funds


Our Target Industries:

  • Business Services
  • Consumer Products and Services
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Media and Communication
  • Select Financial Services

    Gabelli Private Equity Partners

    Investors benefit from joining the Gabelli partners' industry expertise, M&A deal flow and well-respected investment methodology, to find suitable targets, and provide a path for differentiated corporate growth for the long term

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