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The Gabelli direct investment business re-launched after the successful formation of the Associated Capital Group in 2015. Our objective is to partner with management to identify and surface value through strategic direction, operational improvements and financial structuring. The compounded, accumulated knowledge of our team in sectors across our core competencies provides advantages to value creation.

The direct investing strategy is a natural extension of the Gabelli long-term fundamental proprietary value investment methodology known as Private Market Value with a CatalystTM investing. Gabelli has been recognized by the academic community for valuing businesses in the public markets based on the price an informed buyer would pay for the business in a private transaction. Applying this depth of knowledge and experience to the direct investment spaceis a natural complement to our broad efforts.

Gabelli Direct Investments brings our skills, network and expertise to enhance the success of your business. Our group utilizes the resources across the full Gabelli organization, including research, trading, and merger expertise, providing a differentiated partner for management, customers, and suppliers. We collaborate with owners and management to establish shared goals, support the restructuring and growth process, and more importantly, add value by bringing in industry insights and creative capital markets solutions. This effort follows the framework we established in 1983 with Gabelli & Company’s first direct investing fund, Gabelli-Rosenthal, which had in excess of $300 million of capital in today's dollars.

Gabelli Direct Investments

bringing our skills, network and expertise to enhance success

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