PMV Consumer

PMV Consumer seeks to combine our team's proven consumer experience with a world class consumer franchise designed for long term value creation through a NYSE listing.

Several themes underscore our thesis:
  • Continued Global Demographic Shift
  • Technology Impacting Brands and Consumers
  • Acceleration in Shift Towards Health & Wellness
  • Consumer Focus on Values

PMV Consumer intends to combine in a transaction with an Enterprise Value range of up to $4 billion in a variety consumer related and adjacent industries including, without limiting its scope, businesses that facilitate the development, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and selling of products and services targeted at end consumers globally. The focus includes the technology, infrastructure, and supply chain components that enable such consumption but is not limited to the mouths and eyeballs of the global addressable market.

Value Creation
Our team of investment professionals and industry experts are able to support management by:

  • Crafting long-term objectives and business plans for restructuring and/or growth
  • Offering guidance for capital sourcing and capital allocation
  • Providing portfolio companies with introductions to new business relationships in existing markets and new geographies across the globe
  • Supporting inorganic growth via acquisitions and assisting in due diligence, negotiation, transaction structuring and post-deal integration